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Last updated: March 7th, 2022

Lenten Fundraising 2021

Lenten Fundraising 2021

During Lent, we are encouraged by the church to mark this time by doing certain things; prayer, fasting and almsgiving. These practices help us walk closer to Jesus by talking with Him, simplifying our lives and giving generously. They prepare us for commemorating His death on Good Friday and celebrating His Resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Giving is something at which our SJB community is very good, demonstrated by the incredible response to our Christmas campaign and now we are launching our Lenten charity collections.  

We will be fundraising for, locally, The Lighthouse Project, nationally, The Samaritans and internationally, the charity, Compassion. The 6th form is supporting the Lenten movement of SiLENT by the charity Million Minutes.

As we are not in school at least initially, the monies raised will come through individual students getting sponsorship for challenges which can be selected from a wide choice, some of which are options for the whole family! These are being promoted in form time and listed on the sponsor form. If you can, do take the opportunity to watch the promo video!   

The 6th form is devising their own projects and sponsorship.

Getting involved and playing a part is the most important thing. We would kindly ask that families collect their sponsorship and donate it via the Scopay item that has been added to your Scopay account (6th Form Lent donations or Yrs 7-11 Lent donations which has been set at £zero and should be changed to equal the amount you wish to donate). There will be no comparison of sponsorship amounts as we realise this is a difficult time for many families.  

This year, more than ever, those we collect for need our help. Times are hard and many charities are struggling and so are extra grateful for our help.

With grateful thanks for all your support and contributions to these ventures.


Download the sponsor form

Lent Letter to Parents