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Last updated: July 20th, 2021

3. Accessing Further Support

3. Accessing Further Support

Where can a student access further support?

Support on and/or after results days will be available from the Sixth Form Team and the School Leadership Team. See information about the arrangements for these days.

For further information about the awarding of grades this summer…

For further support once you receive your results…

Mental wellbeing

Receiving GCSE and A Level results can be a stressful experience in a normal year, let alone after a period of time which has thrown down so many additional challenges. If you are feeling anxious or struggling with your mental health, you must speak to somebody. This might be a parent, carer or someone else you trust. You might consider getting in touch with someone at school who can help.

There are also a number of organisations who can provide information, resources and live support which is free, safe and anonymous, including…