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Last updated: January 27th, 2021



Running is a fantastic way if improving and maintaining cardiovascular endurance, speed and muscular endurance. Running helps to strengthen joints, burns lots of energy and can lift your mood as you run through the woods, fields or along local roads.

Running is a great way of improving the efficiency of your cardiorespiratory system and can be done through many different methods. Running at a consistent pace is a great method of continuous training, sprints to walks / slow jogs are an example of interval training and running over different levels of terrain is an example of fartlek training.

Downloading Strava will help you to track your runs, see your pace and how far you go. You can keep these hidden for only yourself to see or share it and compete against friends and family. You can also try the Nike Run Club app which has different training programmes for different levels of runners.

If you are new to running and keen to improve, the couch to 5k programme is a great way to get started. With different options available on the app, you could be running your first 5km in just 9 weeks!

Here are some challenge ideas for those looking to set targets. Remember don’t overdo it and try to run 3-4 times a week.

Starting your running journey:
Download the Couch to 5k and complete it!

Intermediate runners:
Run 8km over the course of a week.

Advanced runners:
Run 15km over the course of a week.

Professional runners:
Run 30km over the course of a week.

Download the different running apps by clicking on the images below: