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Last updated: July 19th, 2021

Enrolment Details

Enrolment Details

The transition from GCSE to A-level studies is one of the hardest you will make, but also one of the most rewarding. Our fantastic Sixth Form team, along with your tutors and teachers, will all be on hand to support you through this period whilst helping you to succeed academically and personally. Sixth Form is wonderful time, during which you will make new friends, discover new interests and grow as individuals. You will make choices that affect your adult life, and have many opportunities to expand your horizons and make memories to treasure forever. Make sure you make every day count! I am very much looking forward to welcoming you in September and to being your Head of Year.

Miss Clark

When you receive it, please read the instructions in your enrolment letter carefully and get in touch before the end of term (July 17th) if you have any questions.

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