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Last updated: November 4th, 2022

Careers Policy

Careers Policy

Please find below our Careers Policy which includes the Provider Access Policy.

Our Careers Student Entitlement Statements are also available to read.

Careers Policy

Careers Student Entitlement Statements 

Monitoring, Evaluation and Review
Next Careers Programme Review Date – October 2023.

The governing body, in conjunction with the headteacher and Careers Lead, review these policies on an annual basis, taking into account the success of supporting students in accessing post-16 education and training.

We also work closely with our designated local Enterprise Coordinator from the Careers and Enterprise Company, to ensure that our careers curriculum is rigorous and comprehensive and meets the needs of every child in our care.

The effectiveness of this policy will be measured in several ways:

  • Feedback from stakeholders including students and parents, through mechanisms such as parent survey;
  • Feedback from external visitors to the school such as the School Improvement Partner (SIP) or Ofsted;
  • The number of students who are NEET in October having left the school in the previous summer. This figure can be compared to national figures as well as against the equivalent figure from similar schools both nationally and within Surrey.

Next Careers Programme Review Date – October 2023.