Last updated: November 21st, 2022

Business Studies

Business Studies

Teachers of Business Studies

  • Mrs J V Belli
  • Mrs B Donovan
  • Mr D Hodges
  • Mr D Kelly
  • Miss S Lovett
  • Mrs H Phillips (Curriculum Leader)

Our Vision for Business Studies

Students at SJB study Business to improve their commercial awareness, enhance their strategic thinking and develop a greater understanding of the global business environment and how to influence it.

Career Paths

Students have a variety of options having studied this subject.

University courses in Management, Economics, Finance & Accounting, and Business Administration are all possible. Furthermore many students choose to combine Business Studies with another subject such as Marketing and Media or Maths and Economics to give a broader future career scope.

In terms of employment there are a multitude of career paths available as a result of studying Business Studies A Level such as: Accountancy, Personnel management, Hospitality management, Customer services, retail management and banking.

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