Last updated: November 18th, 2022



Teachers of Psychology

  • Mrs H Fedorniak (Curriculum Leader)
  • Mrs K Green
  • Miss L Skeldon
  • Miss I Turner

Our Vision for Psychology

Students study psychology to become well informed and empathetic individuals who accept peoples behavioural and biological similarities and differences.

They will understand how psychological knowledge and research can be used to benefit an ever-changing society.

Career Paths

There are many routes for those who have a psychology qualification. The majority of students use their A-Level to gain access to degree courses in psychology and other subjects. Some students decide to leave education after A-Levels and psychology can be useful in many jobs including anything with customer service, the caring professions, management etc. For those students who decide to pursue a career in psychology, further study must be done after A-Levels. Some examples of careers in psychology are criminology, occupational psychology, sport psychology, clinical psychology or counselling psychology.

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Outline of Course