Last updated: November 18th, 2022



Teachers of Sociology

  • Mrs H Fedorniak (Curriculum Leader)
  • Mrs K Green

Our Vision for Sociology

Students at SJB study Sociology to develop an inquisitive mind and a critical approach to understanding the world around them. They appreciate and celebrate diversity, leading to a feeling of security in their own identity. Our students assess society as it is and explore how they can be a force for change.

Career paths

  • Criminal justice e.g. Probation & Parole; Police & Corrections
  • International/cross cultural e.g. International Relations/Foreign Affairs; International Business
  • Sociological practice/ human service e.g. Vocational Counselling; Rehabilitation; Recreation; Health Services
  • Business/industry e.g. Management; Accounting; Finance & Investment; Personnel; Marketing
  • Social action/social change e.g. Community Organization; Religious Work; Political Advocacy

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Outline of Course