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Last updated: July 19th, 2021

Student SJB 10

Student SJB 10

The Student SJB 10 was devised by the students and is made up of ten learning behaviours they felt are important to encourage, recognise and reward:

  1. Positive attitude
  2. Prepared to learn
  3. Respect yourself and others
  4. Try your best, don’t give up
  5. Participate fully
  6. Think for yourself, be independent
  7. Challenge yourself, take risks
  8. Support others to succeed
  9. Learning from mistakes, aspire to improve
  10. Creative and curious

At SJB we recognise and reward students’ effort and attitude to learning through nominations. Parents and students receive push notifications from Edulink when their child is awarded a nomination. All nominations are worth 5 house points.

When the students have earned enough nominations in any one of the Student SJB 10 they will either be awarded a ‘STAR Badge’ to wear with pride on their blazer (Yr 7-11) or given a stamp on their ‘Free Hot Drink Card’ (Yr 12-13). At the end of the year any students who have achieved all ten are recognised in our Award Ceremony.