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Last updated: September 30th, 2022



16-19 Tuition Fund StatementsAccessibility Plan

Behaviour, Attendance, Anti-bullying & Exclusion PolicyCareers Policy

CharterCOVID Catchup Premium Statement

Curriculum PolicyDesignated Teacher for Looked after and Previously Looked after Children-Policy

ICT Acceptable Usage PolicyLettings Policy

Online Safety PolicyPremises Management Policy

Premium Statements Year 7Pupil Premium Strategy Statements

Relationships and Sex Education PolicyChild Protection and Safeguarding Policy

SEND PolicySummer School Funding August 2021

Supporting Children with Health Needs who Cannot Attend School PolicySupporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy

MAT Policies

All XavierCET policies, including those related to charging and admissions, complaints, data protection, and health and safetyAll XavierCET statutory financial information, including annual accounts