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Last updated: October 20th, 2023

Sixth Form Applications

Sixth Form Applications

Internal Students

All students studying at SJB in Year 11 are entitled to a place in the Sixth Form if they meet the admission criteria. There is no formal application process for internal students.

Throughout Year 11 there are many opportunities for our students to see what is available in the Sixth Form and to discuss their options with a member of staff. In the first half of the spring term, all students, along with their parents, will meet with a member of the School Leadership Team as part of the next steps process; post-16 options will form part of this discussion.

External Applicants

We welcome applications from students who are not currently at SJB.

The application window will remain open until 6pm on Monday 8th of January 2024, after which the application form will no longer be active or accessible.

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Admissions Policy and Further Information

Admission to SJB Sixth Form is dependent on getting a grade 5 in English and Maths plus any 3 grade 4s

Individual course have their own entry requirements as outlined below:

BTEC Applied ScienceNone
BTEC BusinessNone
BTEC MediaNoneL2 Media BTEC, Art/DT GCSE
BTEC TravelNone
Art6 in Art or evidence that shows a passion and skill for the subject
Drama6 in Drama or evidence that shows a passion and skill for the subject
D&T - Product Design6 in DT or evidence that shows a passion and skill for the subject
GraphicsEvidence that shows a passion and skill for the subjectArt/Media/DT GCSE 
Music6 in Music or evidence that shows a passion and skill for the subjectGrade 6 Standard or higher in an Instrument
PhotographyEvidence that shows a passion and skill for the subjectArt/Media/DT GCSE
English Lan6 in English
English Lit6 in English
Geography6 in Geography6 in Maths, 6 in English
History6 in a Written Subject
Philosophy & Ethics6 in RE6 in English
Politics6 in Written Subject
Psychology6 in Science6 in English and 6 in Maths
Sociology5 in RE (or English 5 if didn't do RE)
Business6 in Business (or 6 in English if Business was not taken)6 in Maths
Economics7 in Maths7 in Maths or A Level Maths to do Economics at Uni
Film5 in English LiteratureHistory/Art/Media/RE GCSE
Media5 in English LanguageHistory/Art/Media/RE GCSE
PE6 in Science
French6 in French
Italian6 in Italian
Spanish6 in Spanish
Biology7-7 in Science or 7 in Biology
Chemistry7-7 in Science or 7 in Chemistry
Computer Science6 in Computer Science (or 6 in Maths if Computer Science was not taken)
Further Maths8 in Maths
Maths7 in Maths
Physics7-7 in Science or 7 in Physics 7 in Maths
*in the event that a course is oversubscribed places will be allocated based on suitability, pre-enrolment choices and whether students are internal or external.

Where these are the entry requirements for individual subjects we recognise that there are sometimes extenuating circumstances and the final decision for any students who do not meet entry requirements will be made following discussions with SLT and the Curriculum Leader for that subject on enrolment day.

For information on admissions please refer to our Admissions policy below:

SJB Sixth Form Admissions Policy – Sept 2023

If you have any further enquiries you can contact Mrs Risman on:
Phone – 01483 729343 ext: 122

Previous Admissions Policies