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Last updated: May 17th, 2024

The iPad Scheme

The iPad Scheme

Our Vision…

  • To continually strive to provide all our students with the best possible access to learning.
  • To help all our students achieve their full potential.
  • To encourage independent learning and equip our students for adult life.
  • To offer all our students access to a variety of learning styles.

The Concept…

  • To ensure that your child has access to an Apple iPad to support their learning.
  • Students will use their iPad for research, homework and for communicating with their peers and teachers.

We Believe…

  • Learning does not stop as soon as you walk out of the school gate, it can take place anywhere at any time!
  • Everyone at SJB should be connected digitally to communicate, share and engage in learning (students, teachers and parents).
  • Every student and family should be included.

We believe that technology, if used correctly and at the right times, can have a profound effect on your child’s learning. Technology can be engaging, exciting and can open up new possibilities, which may have been difficult or even impossible to achieve in the past. The pace at which technology is moving is astonishing! New advances in technology mean that we are at the dawn of a new age, where students can collaborate, investigate and explore like never before. This is not to say that traditional teaching methods are not important. On the contrary, the teacher, environment and resources are all extremely important too. But, if we are to prepare our students for their future, we must act now by equipping them with the technology that will enable them to develop the skills that they will need.

What is the iPad Scheme?

The iPad Scheme provides all the children in Years 7 to 11 with an Apple iPad to use every day to support their learning. For further information about the scheme please see our Welcome Guide for New Parents. Where children join us mid-year or part way though their school journey, we work with parents to facilitate the scheme as necessary.