Last updated: October 13th, 2023





I am in Y11 at SJB. Do I need to apply for SJB Sixth Form? 

I am in Y11 at another school. How and when do I apply to SJB Sixth Form? 

How many students from other schools do you admit? 

What are the academic entry requirements for SJB Sixth Form? 

Sixth Form Life  

What are the main differences between the main school and the Sixth Form?  

What subjects can I study at SJB?  

How many subjects will I take?  

What would my timetable look like in Year 12?  

What opportunities are there in the Sixth Form to develop myself further?  

How will I be supported in my faith journey?  

What support am I given with the transition from Year 11 to Year 12?  

Who do I go to if I need help?  

Next Steps  

What support can I expect in terms of my Next Steps after Sixth Form?