Last updated: February 1st, 2024



Teachers of Maths

  • Mrs T Booth (Curriculum Leader)
  • Mr A Alvarez-Gomez
  • Mrs M Correia
  • Miss M Daniels
  • Miss E Dolan
  • Miss A Dwyer
  • Mr M Goggin
  • Miss L C Hort
  • Mrs V Lally
  • Mrs J E McNeil
  • Mr S Petri
  • Miss S Reeve
  • Mr S Rowan
  • Miss R Shepherd
  • Miss K Stansfield
  • Miss I Turner

Our Vision for Maths

Students at SJB study Maths to:

  • Develop their passion for problem-solving and nurture a love and enjoyment of the subject. From types of triangles to advanced trigonometry, Maths is fun and inclusive for all.
  • Equip them to be numerically literate for an ever-changing world where Maths underpins world systems through a universal language.
  • Learn important skills, such as critical and logical thinking, that are crucial and applicable to all areas of life. Whether our students go on to be a stage designer or an astronaut; the skills that students develop through studying Maths will equip them for wider society.

Key Stage 4