Last updated: February 5th, 2024



Teachers of Sociology

  • Mrs R Davis
  • Mrs K Green
  • Mrs L Skeldon

Reasons to Study Sociology

In Sociology, students critically analyse theories and research on the structure of society and the impact this has on human behaviour.  You will develop skills that are applicable to a variety of university courses, such as critical and analytical thinking, written fluency, social awareness, information gathering and interpretation.  Explore what Feminists, Marxists and other Sociological perspectives think about identity, culture, media influence, inequality, crime and globalisation.  If you enjoy discussions, formulating arguments and are good at written skill then this could be the course for you!

Our Vision for Sociology

Students at SJB study Sociology to develop an inquisitive mind and a critical approach to understanding the world around them. They appreciate and celebrate diversity, leading to a feeling of security in their own identity. Our students assess society as it is and explore how they can be a force for change.

Career paths

  • Criminal justice e.g. Probation & Parole; Police & Corrections
  • International/cross cultural e.g. International Relations/Foreign Affairs; International Business
  • Sociological practice/ human service e.g. Vocational Counselling; Rehabilitation; Recreation; Health Services
  • Business/industry e.g. Management; Accounting; Finance & Investment; Personnel; Marketing
  • Social action/social change e.g. Community Organization; Religious Work; Political Advocacy

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Outline of Course