Last updated: February 5th, 2024

Travel & Tourism

Travel & Tourism

Teachers of Travel & Tourism

  • Dr T Bellis (Curriculum Leader)
  • Ms B Mombo
  • Mrs L Kenny

Reasons to Study BTEC Travel & Tourism

BTEC Travel and Tourism is a great course for you if you have a passion for exploring different places and are interested in a future career in the travel and tourism industry whether that might be working for an airline, working as an adventure tour guide or as a sustainable tourism officer for example. The course is 68% exam and 32% coursework so this can be an advantage to students who benefit from ongoing assessment. We study at depth the UK and global travel and tourism industry, visitor attractions, the principles of marketing and trends in travel. You will learn oral presentation skills and will practice how to research and write reports and articles that form your coursework. This subject complements Business Studies and Geography with many of the concepts learnt in these subjects being developed further in BTEC Travel and Tourism.

Our Vision for Travel & Tourism

Students at SJB study Travel and Tourism in order to gain an in-depth understanding of the nature, scale and factors affecting this globally important industry. Students learn how to find, produce, analyse, present and evaluate a range of primary and secondary data sources to develop their critical analysis of this industry and how it can best move towards a more sustainable future. Students also develop a range of transferable soft skills including team work and verbal presentation skills that are vital tools increasing employability.

Career Paths

  • Travel Agent
  • Airline Staff
  • Journalist
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Tour Guide
  • Tourism Management
  • Tourism Development
  • Event Management
  • Travel Writer
  • Resort Management
  • Conservation Manager
  • Ecotourism Officer
  • Sustainable Tourism Officer
  • Digital Marketing
  • Travel Consultant
  • Transport Logistics
  • Market researcher
  • Conference Co-ordinator
  • Business Travel Co-ordinator
  • Brand Manager
  • Hospitality Manager

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