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Last updated: October 11th, 2021

Sports Academy

Sports Academy

The SJB Sports Academy will provide a professional training and competition structure for our sporting students to thrive in whilst also continuing with the usual high level of academic achievement provided by the SJB sixth form team. All the academies will train on a Friday morning and will have a full programme of games on Wednesday afternoons. These sessions and games will be led by high quality coaches from Chobham Rugby Club, Woking Blackhawks and Woking Cardinals. The vision is that these teams will become the pinnacle of sporting success at the school achieving success in local, regional and national competitions.

Students will also be fitness tested on a regular basis and they will have 2 periods a week where they are timetabled to use the fitness gym carrying out the personalised programme written and monitored for them by a personal trainer from Advanced Sport. This will ensure their strength and conditioning improves in a safe and effective way.

Looking good is another important part of feeling professional and we will provide all the academy students with playing kit, training kit and a kit bag so that they are easily recognisable to other students at the school and so that we make the right impression when we take part in fixtures.

This really is a brilliant opportunity for students to play a high standard of sport, developing their skills and fitness whilst also receiving a brilliant education at SJB sixth form.

For more information on how to apply please contact Mr Newman