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Last updated: November 3rd, 2022

Communication with parents

Communication with parents


All written communications to parents are sent via email. All emails to large groups of parents MUST be sent by the school office so that we can monitor bulk communications home and ensure that parents aren’t being bombarded! Any communication sent to a large group of parents will be emailed by the school office using Arbor.

If you would like to send a letter home to more than 35 students then please email the text you would like to send to office@sjb.surrey.sch.uk where it can be picked up by any of the front office staff.

We aim to minimise bulk communications to parents to only the essentials otherwise they simply don’t read them! Starting in September we are going to trial only sending whole school emails out on a Thursday – if your communication is addressed to all parents then it must be with the office by midday on Wednesday.

As a rule we won’t send several reminder letters to parents about the same thing. Instead we will use social media to remind parents of an event in the week before it happens.


We have three main SJB social media accounts:

Some departments also have their own accounts. If you’re into social media then please follow us!

If you would like anything posted on the SJB social media channels then please email it to office@sjb.surrey.sch.uk where it will be picked up and posted at an appropriate time. For us to post we will need at least one picture or short video clip and a short catchy blurb to go with it.


Email is a really easy way to contact parents of individual students. You can access parent email addresses and phone numbers quickly via Arbor or you can send messages directly from within Arbor. You are welcome to contact parents as and when appropriate (unless the HOY/LK/MAH have given other information in pastoral briefing or via email). Please always take heed of any notes written on Arbor regarding contact arrangements. If you are emailing the parents of more than one student then please either send via Arbor, or send separate emails or bcc them so that personal email addresses are not shared with other parents.

Parents do have access to the email addresses of their child’s teachers and frequently use it as a means of making contact. This can be a really positive way of building a relationship with some parents. But remember, if you ever receive an email that you are not happy about then pass it on to your Curriculum Leader or Head of Year as relevant.


Parents evenings happen once per year for each year group. Year 7 to 11 parents evenings will run virtually from 2-7pm and we operate a shortened school day with the students finishing at 12.55pm giving you time to get home first if you want to! Year 12 and 13 all run from 4-7pm; All are run virtually via School Cloud. Dates and timings are in the calendar. Years 7-11 parents can book 5 minute appointments, Year 12 and 13 book 7 minute appointments. It is expected that all staff will attend the evenings for the year groups they teach.  Appointments are booked by the students/parents in the fortnight prior to the evening.