Last updated: February 26th, 2024



Spending time with the students during their social time is the single best way to reduce negative behaviours. At SJB we do not ‘police’ the students – just spend time with them. All full-time staff are expected to do at least one break/lunch duty per week and are expected to priorities them.  You should aim to have five ‘non-work’ conversations with students during your break and where appropriate make reference to our 5 core values (Integrity, Service, Love, Respect and Aspire).  It is critical that staff turn up for their duties on time. 

Your duty allocation is on your timetable and there is a copy of the rota on the notice board outside Lee Evan’s office. In the event of absence, all duties must be covered. If your absence is planned we ask you to arrange a swap and notify Lee Evans so that he can put it onto Arbor; this helps to keep it fair on staff as there isn’t a ready pool of staff who are available to cover break/lunch duties. However, if Lee has not been notified of a swap or your absence is more last minute then he will arrange cover for you.

Please enforce the school rules when on break duty – the key ones to consider are below:

  • No mobile phones at all anywhere on site (except Sixth Form)
  • No iPads during break/lunch other than in the Hub where they are supervised and using it for work purposes.
  • No chewing gum
  • Smart uniform, no jewellery
  • Students aren’t allowed to linger in corridors
  • No food inside the building (other than in the Main hall, Canteen and Sixth Form Cafe)
  • Be vigilant for any inappropriate language, conversations or physical behaviour and challenge anything negative you witness.
Students should be sanctioned as per the school behaviour policy. If you are concerned about an incident it should be reported to the Head of Year or a member of the SLT.
Below is an outline of each of the duty areas, please check where you are meant to be and what your role is in that position.

100s block

Circulate throughout the first and second floor (check the toilets) and make sure students aren’t lingering in corridors, using iPads or eating inside.


Please ensure the children queue to get in and control the flow. Ensure students are using the appropriate entrance and exit doors. Keep an eye out for students leaving rubbish etc. Ensure the canteen is cleared 7 minutes before the end of break/lunch.

Covered Area / SS2

Position yourself by the covered area and the new snack shack. Please ensure the children queue to get in and control the flow at the snack shack. Keep an eye out for students leaving rubbish etc. Ensure area is cleared 7 minutes before the end of break/lunch.


Please wander across the field keeping students within their designated year group areas. Encourage the use of the litter bins (you may wish to wheel one about with you as you wander!). Please start to clear the field 7 minutes before the end of break/lunch.

Hall, Year 11 Cloakroom and DT Corridor

Please can you wander between the DT corridor (check toilets) back through the hall (check for litter) and back in the Year 11 cloakroom checking toilets there too). Please do this on a constant loop. Please clear the Hall and Year 11 Cloakroom 5/7 minutes before the end of break/lunch.

Maths & RE Corridor

Please can you be on a loop from maths (checking the Year 9 toilets) all the way down to music, round to English and back round. Please check for eating in corridors and clear children out as necessary; students should not be lingering in corridors.


Please position yourself inside the MUGA looking out int the playground. Please ensure no one is eating in the MUGA, check for litter and avoid being hit by any balls! Please begin to clear 7 minutes before the end of break/lunch.

Snack Shack

Please control the line to the snack shack by the sports hall to ensure there is an orderly queue. Check for litter, and where possible also cover the stairs up to Media and English. Please begin to clear the line/quad 7 minutes before the end of break/lunch.

Sports Hall

Please can you be on a constant loop through the main section and along the corridor where the changing rooms are. Please check on the toilets as you pass. Students can eat inside but all litter must be put in bins – this is a privilege that will be removed if abused. Please also pop up stairs periodically as students tend to hide up there! Please begin to clear the foyer 7 minutes before the end of break/lunch.

Art Block

Position yourself outside the entrance to the Art block and discourage students from wandering in there. Roam into the Art block checking the toilets regularly and ensuring no eating inside. Please also ensure students are not lingering/sitting in the training suite car park. Check for litter etc. Please begin to clear the area 5/7 minutes before the end of break/lunch.