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Last updated: July 15th, 2022

Other useful information

Other useful information


Any student who is injured or taken ill whilst on school premises must go to the school office where trained first aiders will assist.   

CAR INSURANCE                                                              

Please see Anna del Vecchio, Facilities and Contracts Manager, if you require information regarding the use of your car on school business.   Members of staff are covered by the school’s insurance for ‘Motor – Occasional Business Use’.   Please note that commuting is not regarded as business use.


All food is cooked on the premises by our catering company, Innovate.  They cook all food from fresh, local ingredients daily and promote a menu of first class, healthy, nutritious and varied meals. The Fast Supper is open from 8.00am to 4.00pm daily and the Sixth Form Café is open from 8.00am to 2.30pm.


SJB operate a cashless catering system managed by Claire Antal. You will be given detailed information regarding setting up your account on your first day. Once you have your link code letter (issued by the Finance Office), you need to go to the SCOPAY website (www.scopay.com/login.html) to register your account. Once your account is activated, and you have topped up your balance, you need only to have your finger scanned by the Data Manager, Alison Rolland to be able to enjoy all the fabulous catering facilities available at SJB.  Please ensure that your catering account is kept in a credit situation.  Debts on your catering account are not permitted.


If you require any catering for events, you are arranging please contact Claire Antal with exact information as to your requirements.  Please allow at least 5 working days’ notice for any catering requirements. This will then be organised through Innovate Catering Services and delivered to you in time for your event. Claire will need to know which cost centre is to be charged at the time of booking.

If you have adhoc visitors that require lunch, there is a General Hospitality Account or some departments have a Departmental Hospitality Account. This can be used at the till point on the day in question.  If you have visitors that will be in school on a more regular basis, please advise the Claire Antal who will arrange for them to have a cashless catering account of their own.


If you do need to have a personal parcel or Amazon delivery, please feel free to have it delivered to school as the office is manned all day and we have arrangements for the weekend.   Please see the office staff for further information or advice on this service.


We provided a service where you can get your dry cleaning collected from school and then returned – there is a 1 week turn around, Wednesday to Wednesday. All you have to do is leave it tied up in a carrier bag with your name on in the box in finance, pay Finance before it’s picked up on a Wednesday and then go and collect it the following week.


At SJB we never ‘wind down’ at the end of term.   Normal lessons and homework take place right up until the final assembly.   Students and staff then ‘wind down’ by going home early on the last day!


Sally Powell is the Examinations Manager and will answer any queries regarding exams.


We are extremely fortunate at SJB to have a very active and supportive Governing Body.  Our Chair of Governors is Ruth Egan and she can be contacted by addressing an email to her at governors@sjb.surrey.sch.uk


The Hub is open daily from 8.15am until 5.30pm. It is a multi-purpose learning space where the students can work independently or collaboratively; use their iPads; use the 3 TV screens to present to a small group or class; access a range of books, newspapers and journals; and access PCs and printers – the sky’s the limit! Before school and during period 4 lunch, it is an indoor space for the Year 9 students. After school the space can be used by any students.

The Hub can be booked out by prior arrangement with Adelina Berishaj who supervises in there from 8.15-8.45am each day.


We do not all any Year 7 to 11 students to have phones on site. If seen they should be confiscated and taken to the front office asap for safe-keeping. You should also log in the incident on Arbor.


  1. First offence – parents will be able to collect the phone in person from their HOY. They should contact the relevant HOY via email to arrange a suitable time for collection
  2. Further offences – students will be able to collect their phones from their HOY after 2 weeks.


Any information to go on the main school plasma screen (e.g. photos of school trips etc.) may be emailed at any time to plasma@sjb.surrey.sch.uk.   Please ensure you include in your email the time and date you want the information displayed.   For information relating to Sixth Form plasma please email details to j.areington@sjb.surrey.sch.uk


We are trying hard to get rid of every unnecessary piece of paper.  Please think carefully before circulating pieces of paper.  Most things can be sent electronically now and accessed on staff/student iPads – if it can be viewed electronically, don’t print it!  All the time we are circulating/filling in unnecessary pieces of paper we are not preparing outstanding lessons.   Please email whenever possible.

Any unnecessary bits of paper should be given to a member of the SLT.   Please remember:

  • no agendas to be circulated
  • no typed minutes of meetings – any action points to be noted in the meeting and communicated electronically
  • no evaluation forms, queries etc. to be circulated – see Frazer Harte if you’d like an electronic survey created


If you see any item of furniture, equipment or fabric of the building which is in need of repair, please email the details to maintenance@sjb.surrey.sch.uk.  Similarly, if you would like anything done to your room please email the same address.

SCHOOL MINIBUS                                                                      

If you wish to use a minibus, please speak to anyone in the Finance Office.  All drivers must to be over 21 years of age and to have held a full car licence for two years.  In addition, it will be necessary to take a minibus driving assessment for which you should see finance at least 2 months prior to you needing it! If you would like to drive the minibus please see Anna del Vecchio to arrange a test.


Tony, Premises Manager, Rohan, Assistant Premises Manager and Greg our Maintenance Assistant, open the building at 6.00am and lock up at 6.00pm.   All members of staff are asked to vacate the building by that time in the evening.   Tony, Rohan and Greg do a great job but they find it really difficult to lock up at 6.00pm as they can’t get staff to leave the building.   Please do your bit to help them by leaving on time.   If that is not possible, arrangements must be made with them to ensure the building is properly locked overnight and the security alarm is not improperly activated.

Keys are held in the Finance Office and are available on short loan.  Please return them after use.   Individual members of staff may hold keys for frequently used rooms.  Please see Anna del Vecchio, if you need a key.

All external doors to the main buildings are secured by a key held only by Tony, Rohan, Greg, Headteacher and Deputy Heads.


The staff absence rate at SJB is incredibly low as we are very lucky to have staff who come in unless it is physically impossible for them to do so, but if you are ill and cannot come in to school then please email Matt Walker by 7.30am m.walker@sjb.surrey.sch.uk or if you cannot email then call him directly on 01483 729 343 ext. 140.


All staff are expected to dress smartly in business wear to set a positive example to the Sixth Form students whose dress code mirrors that of the staff. No cardigans, open toe shoes or mid-calf trousers.


There are a number of students in the school who take medication.   The medication is stored in locked cupboards in the school office.   If students are out on trips, please check required medication with the school office.   There is separate information regarding procedures in the event of a student becoming ill or having an accident; please familiarise yourself with these guidelines.