Last updated: February 26th, 2024

Spriritual Life

Spriritual Life

Throughout their time at SJB all members of our community are offered a variety of opportunities for prayer, thanksgiving, reflection and spiritual development.   We appreciate that many members of staff are not familiar with Catholic liturgy and practice but please do not panic as there is plenty of support and help is always at hand!


Megan Hodgson is school Chaplain and leads the Spiritual Life of the school alongside Jamie Haselden (Assistant Head i/c Catholic Life) and James Budzynski-Seymour (Curriculum Lead for RE). Together they plan and co-ordinate the liturgical and charity fundraising events which occur in school and ensure that occasions of worship are of the highest standard.

Megan is able to offer support, guidance and resources to staff who are preparing either year or whole school assemblies.  A Pause for Prayer resource is provided for all tutors to use at the start of form time.  Megan is responsive to the spiritual needs of all members of the community (students, staff and parents) – a ‘listening ear and an open heart’.  She is always available for you to talk to in confidence, particularly if you are experiencing any difficulty or stress.   Megan will be working closely with the Priest Chaplain to SJB, Fr Rob Esdaile, who is Parish Priest at St Dunstan’s Church, Woking.


This is the most important celebration at school and we try to do everything we can to make it a special and meaningful occasion.   Whole school Mass is celebrated at the beginning of the school year and at the start of each term.  The co-operation of all members of staff is appreciated to ensure the atmosphere needed is quiet and reverent.   Please don’t worry about what to say or do in Mass if this is an unfamiliar experience for you.  Full instructions will be given throughout the service.


Friday morning Mass at 8am is celebrated in the School Chapel which is off the hall (all staff, parents and students are welcome), you may receive a special invitation from Megan! All staff are also invited to join us for prayer at 8.15am in the Chapel every Wednesday. The Chapel is open to all staff and students for prayer and quiet reflection throughout the day from opening time until closing time.  Forms are able to use the Chapel during form time for prayer and reflection with guidance from the Chaplaincy Team.


We organise Reflection Days for most year groups.  Megan and the Heads of Year plan these days.  Form Tutors are closely involved and lead a large part of the day.  We also aim to extend Away Weekend opportunities for staff so that they too can benefit from taking time out for rest, relaxation and reflection.