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Last updated: February 26th, 2024

Staff & Student Wellbeing

Staff & Student Wellbeing

Lisa Kenny oversees student wellbeing across the school. She works closely with the pastoral team, Laura Kern as PSHE Curriculum Leader and Emily Cavell as Assistant Head i/c Learning and Teaching, to ensure that wellbeing is addressed in all areas of school life. There will be a number of CPD opportunities throughout the year where we will provide training on different areas of wellbeing, however, please feel free to chat to Lisa at any point if you have any questions.


Wellbeing is delivered through PSHE, form times, assemblies and lessons. We have a focus on resilience and the use of a ‘growth mindset’

If you have concerns about a student:

  • The form tutor should always be the first point of contact.
  • Any concerns from staff should be directed to the Head of Year or if it is a safeguarding concern, should be raised on Arbor by clicking on the ‘Safeguarding Reporting’ button which can be found in the “School Notices” section on the dashboard.
  • The Head of Year or DSL (as appropriate) will decide what the next steps should be.

We follow the Thrive Framework for school wellbeing with the first stage being signposting support. The school website has some great resources that students and parents can access, and you will see posters around the school directing students to additional support. We have a comprehensive package of additional support that students can be referred to by their HOY:

  • Coping strategies
  • Anxiety workshops
  • Self-esteem workshops
  • Wellbeing mentors
  • Peer mentors
  • School Listeners
  • An early interventions worker
  • CAMHs school support
  • ELSA support

As a school, we are fortunate to be able to offer short term counselling to our students. The School Counselling Service provides friendly, approachable and confidential support.  Our School Counsellor, Nicole Swann, is in school 5 days per week and works closely with the Pastoral Team to identify which students may benefit from the offer of extra support. Referrals must be made via HOYs.  Nicole offers support with:

–       Anxiety

–       Self-esteem

–       Anger management

–       Peer relationship issues

–       Depression/self-harm

–       Family support

–       Liaising with external agencies

–       Drug and alcohol concerns

–       School adjustment

–       Developing strategies to assist students with their social, emotional and academic development


If you feel that you need someone to talk to or additional support, there is always someone available:

  • Jamie Haselden oversees staff wellbeing; he is always there to listen and to take on board feedback about how we can improve our provision for staff
  • Megan Hodgson provides an open heart and a listening ear
  • Line managers / CLs
  • Members of the SLT
  • Staff who have attended Mental Health First Aid Training and are always available to support you. This includes the pastoral team (AHOYs and HOYS), Key Stage Leads (Caroline, Lee and Simon) and members of the Leadership Team.

We also have some very experienced staff coaches and mentors who work within departments. Please reach out if you would appreciate some additional support, someone is always available. If you’d prefer some additional support from outside of school, there is an excellent app created just for teachers called MeeToo Connect. You can also contact Education Support www.educationsupport.org.uk who offer a range of services specifically aimed at supporting people who work in education.


Megan Hodgson is our School Chaplain. In addition to her responsibilities for leading the Spiritual Life of the school as detailed above, she will be providing wellbeing support for staff and for students in specific areas:

The School Chaplain is responsible for:

  • Masses (inc. Friday Masses) & Liturgies
  • Reconciliation mornings
  • Staff prayer group
  • Reflection Days
  • Form Time Prayer Resources
  • Parish & diocesan links
  • Chapel
  • Lourdes & SJB Day
  • Chaplaincy Team
  • Pastoral support especially bereavement, struggles with sexuality & serious medical issues

We run an Alpha course to help staff on their own spiritual journey; more details will be provided in the autumn term.


A number of our students find themselves in the position of being a Young Carer. Jamie Haselden is there to ensure they have the support that they need as they navigate the challenges that their responsibilities bring.