Last updated: February 26th, 2024

Student Rewards

Student Rewards

Everything we do at SJB is rooted in our 5 core values:

  • Love
  • Aspire
  • Integrity
  • Respectful
  • Service

All staff and students are required to live out these 5 core values daily and openly discuss them with one another. This can be in the form of praising positive behaviour as well as bringing all conversations back to these values when needing to have conversations with students who have not met the high expectations we have of them.

Praise and positive reward can be given in many ways both formally and informally and should be given as often as possible. Students who work and behave well should be rewarded for their efforts and achievements frequently.

Positive behaviour management in central to working with the students and building strong relationships. Please ensure the praise and rewards system is used more frequently than the sanctions system.

All praise incidents must be formally recorded on Arbor.

Praise can be recorded on Arbor as a House Point or as a Nomination (worth 5 house points).


You can award students House Points through Arbor for anything positive that should be recognised. The behaviour implementation guide provides ideas and suggestions as to how many house points to award for a variety of things. They are a fantastic way to recognise all the little things the students do really well.


The Student SJB 7 was devised by the students and is made up of seven learning behaviours they feel are important to enable our students to leave us as successful 21st century learners. Teachers and LSAs should encourage, recognise and reward the 7 attributes outlined on the Student SJB 7:

At SJB we recognise and reward students’ effort and attitude to learning firstly through nominations.  Nominations are awarded on Arbor – it is really simple to do and takes no more than 30 seconds; parents also can view this portal. When the students have earnt enough nominations in any one of the Student SJB 7 they will either be awarded a ‘STAR Badge’ to wear with pride on their blazer (Yr 7-11) or given a stamp on their ‘Free Hot Drink Card’ (Yr 12-13).

We ask staff to award two nominations per taught lesson.

All nominations are worth 5 house points.


Please commit to recognising the students through Nominations and House Points as well as other mediums – a postcard, an email a quick phone call to parents are all excellent ways of making the students see just how well they are doing. We encourage all staff to finish their week making at least three positive contacts home – this goes a very long way to build positive relationships with the students and means that we as staff finish the week on a positive!


Students in Year 7, 8 and 9 are rewarded for reading outside school via the Sparx Reader scheme. This is run by Sam Rowan our Literacy Coordinator.