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Last updated: July 18th, 2022

Student SJB 7 – Student Rewards

Student SJB 7 – Student Rewards


The Student SJB 7 was devised by the students and is made up of seven learning behaviours they feel are important to enable our students to leave us as successful 21st century learners. Teachers and LSAs should encourage, recognise and reward the 7 attributes outlined on the Student SJB 7:

At SJB we recognise and reward students’ effort and attitude to learning firstly through nominations.  Nominations are awarded on Arbor – it is really simple to do and takes no more than 30 seconds; parents also can view this portal. When the students have earnt enough nominations in any one of the Student SJB 7 they will either be awarded a ‘STAR Badge’ to wear with pride on their blazer (Yr 7-11) or given a stamp on their ‘Free Hot Drink Card’ (Yr 12-13).


You can award students House Points through Arbor. These carry less weight than a nomination but are a fantastic way to recognise all the little things the students do to impress effort.


Please commit to recognising the students through Nominations and House Points as well as other mediums – a postcard, an email a quick phone call to parents are all excellent ways of making the students see just how well they are doing.

Research project: Harnessing Praise to Motivate Students (Philippa Leah, 2019) 

One of our research projects conducted in school demonstrated that that praise has the most impact if students feel that it is a genuine reaction to the good work they have produced and that it feels meaningful. With this in mind consider communicating to the students which aspects of the Student SJB7 are being targeted in each lesson in order to build awareness of both the importance of these learning behaviours, whilst additionally ensuring students know which aspect is being considered that lesson.

As a little incentive to remember, there’s a prize in Monday briefing once a fortnight for the ‘top nominator’ so please remember to nominate two students in each lesson, they really do love receiving their rewards!


At the end of last year we launched a reading reward scheme for Year 7 and 8 to reward students who read for pleasure outside of school. This will be launched in form time in September for Year 7 and 8. Holly Hammond, KS3 English Coordinator oversees the reward programme.