Last updated: July 15th, 2022

Times & Dates

Times & Dates


We operate a 7 period day where the students have 6 periods of lessons and 1 period of lunch. There is a KS3 lunch break and a KS4 lunch break (although there are a few times in the fortnight where there is a KS3 group on late lunch). We ask all teachers to let the students leave lessons in time to make it to their next lesson for the start time listed below.

Start time
8.50am Registration
9.15am Period 1
10.05am Period 2
10.55am Break
11.15am Period 3
12.05pm Period 4 / Lunch KS3
12.55pm Period 5 / Lunch KS4
1.45pm Period 6
2.35pm Period 7
3.25pm School finishes  

TERM DATES                                                                        

Autumn Term 2022

Term starts: Monday 5 September (All Staff)

Tuesday 6 September (Year 7 & Year 12 Enrolment)

Wednesday 7 September (Whole School)

Half Term: Monday 24 October – Friday 28 October (inclusive)
Term ends: Wednesday 21 December
School Closed Monday 28 November

Spring Term 2023

Term starts: Monday 9 January
Half Term: Monday 13 February – Friday 17 February (inclusive)
Term ends: Friday 31 March

Summer Term 2023

Term starts: Monday 17 April
Half Term: Monday 29 May – Friday 2 June (inclusive)
Term ends: Friday 21 July
Bank Holiday Monday 1 May


2022 Monday 5 September

Friday 14 October

2023 Monday 23 January

Wednesday 16 March

Monday 5 June

Thursday 6 July