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Last updated: February 26th, 2024

Wider Curriculum & House System

Wider Curriculum & House System

Here at SJB, we don’t just value what happens inside the classroom, but also what happens out of it. We believe that well-balanced, broad education, and certainly one that gets the best out of the children, should combine curricular and extra-curricular activities. The activities we run, as well as day trips, residential and international trips and reflection days help to shape the students and give them experiences that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Running activities is also a fantastic way to get to know different students, often those you don’t teach in lessons, and see a different side to them and discover their hidden talents.

Where possible, our Year 7, 8 and 9 students are expected to take up two activities per week, one of which should be a sporting or outdoor activity, but they can always do more! The schedule of activities is published termly, and students sign up in form time through Arbor. Departments are expected to run at least one activity, so speak to your Curriculum Leader to see how you can get involved. We are always looking to develop and expand the selection of activities we run, so if you are interested in bringing something new then speak to Charlotte Wyatt, our House and Extra-curricular Activities Coordinator to discuss starting a new activity.


In addition to the extracurricular programme, we also run a House System. This is an opportunity for students to work together as a team, compete in events, and win points for their houses. There are multiple House Competitions that run throughout the year, from House Music, Inter-House Sport and Sports Day to House Baking and the Year 7 Christmas Card Competition. If you would like to introduce a new House Competition or want to find out more about how you can get involved in the House system, please see Charlotte Wyatt.

In addition to the House Competitions, students can earn points through 100% attendance, nominations and credits, as well as attendance at extracurricular activities and recycling. Every student and member of staff are assigned to a House, and it is a fantastic way to get into the competitive spirit and galvanise your form group.

Students can be awarded House Points on Arbor for lots of different things – please use these to reward the students in your lessons and around school when you catch them being good!

We have eight houses, four men and four women, all of which are inspirational role models for the children. The houses are all paired to work together as a colour. They are:

Blue Houses

  • King – Martin Luther King is a highly renowned Christian who sacrificed his life for justice and civil rights.
  • Stang – Sister Dorothy Stang devoted her life to bringing change, and saving the land, in the Amazon Rainforest. She tragically lost her life as a martyr during her missionary work in Brazil.

Yellow Houses

  • Romero – Oscar Romero was an Archbishop in El Salvador. He stood up for freedom and justice and was assassinated in 1980.
  • Curie – Marie Curie was an influential scientist, who developed use of radiation in medicine, science which has helped save countless lives.

Green Houses

  • Bosco – St Don Bosco committed his life to education and young people.
  • Pankhurst – Emmeline Pankhurst pioneered female rights, as part of the suffragette movement, ensuring that women were given the right to vote.

Red Houses

  • Kolbe – St. Maximilian Kolbe was a Catholic priest who took the place of another prisoner and sacrificed his own life in Auschwitz during WW2.
  • Seacole – Mary Seacole was an Inspirational Jamaican nurse, who gave selflessly, and overcame obstacles, to help the wounded soldiers in the Crimean War.


School trips are an important aspect of student life at SJB.   We have a window (February half-term to May half-term) where no trips are run for KS4 and KS5 to ensure students get the best deal (KS3 may go on a trip in this window as long as no KS4/KS5 lessons are lost by staff supervising).  Only 1 trip is allowed in KS3 per curriculum area. Only 1 trip is allowed per year per curriculum area in KS4 and KS5.

Jacquie Coady is our Trips Co-ordinator – all trips must be booked through Jacquie to ensure that the all the relevant forms and checks are completed.  You can find the Trip Approval Form on the School Hub and at the end of this handbook alongside some trip check lists – please follow the process within it. The Risk Assessment Form is also on the School Hub and at the end of this handbook. Mike McKenna is in charge of Trip Risk Assessments and will support with and sign off this process (although it is the responsibility of the trip leader to write it).

If you are interested in arranging a trip or have any questions regarding trips please see Lee Evans in the first instance to arrange a suitable date within the diary, then download the Trip Approval Form from School Hub or the Staff Handbook and get the step 1 and 2 completed (which includes sign off by Lee Evans). Once the initial trip approval is complete, see Jacquie with the full details of the trip you wish to be arranged and she will organise all aspects of the trip for you including obtaining the required number of quotes before booking anything.

Residential Trips – If the trip has been run before and a very similar model is required then Jacqui will be able to liaise directly with the tour company to sort the details and get the costs etc. for you so please speak to her in the first instance. If the trip is new or there are going to be significant changes then please see Jacquie in the first instance so that she can provide contact details for the tour companies we tend to you, however, please note that it will then be your responsibility to liaise with them and sort out the details and costs of the trip; once this is done it can then be handed over to Jacquie who will manage the student sign up / payment process etc.

Jacquie will send out all trips letters directly. If you need something sent to a group of students who are going on a trip please go through Jacquie, you can do this by emailing her at j.coady@sjb.surrey.sch.uk or going to see her in finance.


Student voice and the development of their leadership skills is very important to us. We’re revamping the Student Leadership model for 2023-24 and more information will be coming in September!