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Last updated: July 18th, 2022

Xavier CET – L&T Resources

Xavier CET – L&T Resources

Within our Trust we strive to have a relentless focus on learning and teaching. Our ethos in relation to achieving great learning is to have BELIEF in every child:

Believe in every child

Excellence for all

Learning environments promote creativity

Inspire each child to improve

Every child an individual

Foster curiosity, champion confidence

The L&T website facilitates the sharing of best practice across the Trust, cross phase and discipline. It is where all resources from all schools can be located to enhance lesson planning and ensure ideas are shared with teachers in our schools.


To access the website go to this link: Xavier CET – L&T Resrouces

By selecting ‘learning and teaching strategies’ you will be able to search by aspect of pedagogy. Additionally, all research projects are published here.


Within the trust we are committed to sharing best practice in relation to our teaching approaches. There are two windows (Spring 1 and Summer 2) where you have the chance to reflect on your practice by visiting and observing other colleagues within the MAT. All 3 Secondary schools meet regularly to discuss learning and teaching. Should you wish to get involved you’re most welcome!