Last updated: July 12th, 2024

English Literature

English Literature

Teachers of English Literature

  • Miss F Ruffle (Curriculum Leader)
  • Mr E Baidya
  • Mr P Bergin
  • Mrs A Clark
  • Mrs B Donovan
  • Ms T Hanrahan
  • Mrs A Herbertson
  • Mr D Kaye
  • Miss H Macmillan
  • Mrs C McLaughlin
  • Mr C Newman
  • Miss L Mobbs
  • Miss S Renn
  • Mr S Rowan
  • Mr D Ryans
  • Mr E Solaz
  • Miss I Turner

Reasons to Study English Literature

If you love reading then this is the subject for you. We will deeply analyse a range of poetry, prose and drama – including Shakespeare – and have the freedom to develop your own line of inquiry. Universities highly value English A Levels due to the breadth of communication skills students acquire.

Our Vision for English

Students at SJB study English because it defines our reality – from the way that we think, to the words that we speak, to the way that we write. Language enriches students’ minds with an understanding, respect and empathy for different voices from across time and cultures. By studying English, students will engage with the world outside of the classroom, become more confident in their self-expression, and develop an appreciation of language in all its forms.

Career Paths

English at Higher Education level opens doors to many careers. A strong A Level in English Literature could enable you to pursue career paths in:

  • Teaching
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Theatre
  • Publishing
  • Advertising

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