Last updated: October 19th, 2023



Teachers of Music

  • Mr L Ali
  • Miss P Cantwell (Curriculum Leader)
  • Mr M McKenna

Reasons to Study Music

The Music A Level course develops practical skills in performing and composing alongside a deeper understanding of the history, theory and analytical side of music. An appreciation for and knowledge of how and why popular and classical music was written will be explored and developed along with the opportunity to listen and study a wide variety of music.

Our Vision for Music

Students at SJB study music to develop a lifelong enjoyment and appreciation of music. We nurture the innate musical potential of all pupils by creating, performing and appraising music both in the classroom and through the diverse extra-curricular programme. This helps to develop students’ understanding and appreciation of different cultures.

Career Paths

  • Performing
  • Composing
  • Arts Admin
  • Teaching
  • Music therapy
  • Academia
  • Conducting
  • Any graduate scheme

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