Last updated: July 15th, 2022

The Role of a Form Tutor

The Role of a Form Tutor

The role of a form tutor is extremely important; you are the first teacher your form sees each morning and the first link in the pastoral chain of support.  It is important that form time is both calm and purposeful so that each student goes to their first lesson of the day ready to learn.

The form tutor should check uniform, jewellery, equipment etc. at the start of the day to make sure the students are sent off to their first lesson prepared, punctual and presented smartly.


Students begin each day with their form tutor from 8.50-9.15am. We ask form tutors to be in their rooms and open them to students from 8.40am.

Registers should be taken on Arbor at the start and any late students added as they arrive in form time. Students late to form should be marked as such on the register so that sanctions can be issued appropriately.

Each year group has one assembly a week, either a Year group assembly or a Key Stage assembly. The rota is below:

Week AYear GroupWeek BYear Group
7, 8, 9Mon10, 11, 12, 13
Tue12 & 13Tue
Fri7 (until Oct half term)Fri7


On the days when there is not a key stage or year assembly, all forms must begin the day with the Pause for Prayer resource provided; one two days each week these will be shorter so as to enable form tutors to engage the students with The Day (see section below for details).

Pause for Prayer is a power point linked to the theme of the week and includes a reflection, video clip, Bible passage and prayer all timed to take under 5 minutes. Slides can be presented by the tutor or students. There are optional ‘Pause for Thought’ questions if there is time to develop discussion.

If you are concerned about delivering the Pause for Prayer resource or leading Prayer in Form Time then please speak to Michele Harrison our Chaplain who will support you.


The Day is a brilliant subscription that is available to all our students via the special link on their iPads. The Sixth Form can also access it using the school username and password – this will be given to them by the Sixth Form Team.

It provides a wealth of news articles for the students to engage with; every day a handful of new articles are added. The brilliant thing about this resource is the the majority of articles can be read at different levels, meaning that students of different reading abilities can engage with the same article and be fully involved in class discussions and activities surrounding the articles. The are also accessibility features that can be turned on/off such as a dyslexic font, screen overlay etc. All articles are stored historically and categorised by subject as well so you can link them into schemes of learning to draw on.

The following guides go through how the resource can be used in class.

Staff Presentation – How to use

Guide to Six Steps

Guide to Reading Levels

Form Tutors will be given further information as to how and when to use it in form time in September during Year Meetings.