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Last updated: July 20th, 2021

Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring Solutions

There are a many different ways that parents can monitor their child’s internet usage both on their iPads and also on their other devices. We would strongly recommend that all parents actively engage in a conversation with their children around online safety and that as part of this they agree parameters for monitoring their usage at home.

Click here to find an overview of various monitoring solutions from Internet MattersClick here to find out more about the Apple Parental Controls

Below you can find a selection of other options that are available to you:

Zero cost solutions
Visit the website:

Stopping adult content in the home environment.

PROS Not full proof but a good way of stopping access to sites that deal with adult content.

CONS No limits of social-media or the content held within. Very easy to get around for a motivated student with access to Google
ScreenTime on Mac/iPad/iPhone
Visit the website:

Our take on it:
Screen Time on Windows 10 and X-Box One...
...are all covered by Microsoft’s Family Experience.

Visit the website for Windows 10:

Visit the website for X-Box:
Visit the website:
Google accounts, Chromebooks and Android devices
Including – Google Play, Chrome, Search, YouTube etc

Google's family link app:
Netflix has a very limited set of restrictions available just around the maturity rating.

Visit the website:
Paid for solutions
Jamf Parent is a free iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Android app that allows you to manage your children's school-issued mobile devices. Depending on the software your school uses to manage your children's school-issued mobile devices, you may be able to use the Jamf Parent web app. Using Jamf Parent, you can restrict and allow apps and device functionality on your children's devices.

Please note Jamf Parent management only works during the evening and weekend and not during school hours (Mon-Fri 8-3.30)

Jamf Parent Guide

Get started with Jamf Parent: https://www.jamf.com/resources/product-documentation/jamf-parent-guide-for-parents/
Norton's Family Premier
Makes the Web safer for your kids to explore – by keeping you informed of which sites your kids are visiting, and letting you block harmful or inappropriate sites.

Visit the website:

PROS Appears well reviewed and from a well known company

CONS Small cost
Qustodio (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Kindle)
Visit the website:

PROS Free version to see if its worth spending money on. Reviews look good.

CONS Small cost to unlock some features
Other options
Visit the website: