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Last updated: January 22nd, 2024

iPads in the classroom

iPads in the classroom

At SJB we work hard to utilise the technology available for learning, leveraging it to enable students to visualise abstract concepts, and deepen their understanding. The iPads provide our students with enhanced opportunities to personalise their learning, develop their creativity and communicate effectively with teachers and peers.

Since we launched our Apple iPad Scheme in September 2013, teachers have worked hard to improve their pedagogy and practice; working collaboratively to find ways of utilising the devices to enhance learning. Our Apple Teachers worked collaboratively to devise a wheel of core apps that are central to digital learning. You can see the current wheel of core apps below; all the apps are available and utilised by all students. The wheel is reviewed reviewed annually and evolves with the changing technological landscape and student profile.

We have also created our own Learning Tools app which is available on the iPad App Store. It’s full of tools that can be used for quick assessment for learning checks in lessons and is used daily in lessons by all our students.

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