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Last updated: April 26th, 2024

Information for Students

Information for Students

Make the most of National Careers Week 2024 – 4th-9th March

If you haven’t given your future much thought so far, National Careers Week is a great time to start asking yourself five big questions:

1. What is the Career Zone for me?

There are hundreds of industries out there – each one with hundreds of career paths you could pursue. These industries can be called “Career Zones” –  the Success in Schools partnership has brought 33 of them together for you to explore. Discover what jobs you can find in each Career Zone and what you need to do to qualify for your dream profession.

2. Apprenticeship or University?

These days, apprenticeships offer a real alternative if you want to train and gain qualifications in a paid job. In fact, with a degree apprenticeship, you can even study for a university degree while earning a wage. However, for certain careers – particular medical professions, for example – you’ll need to go to university. University is also a great option if you want to study your favourite subject at a higher level.

Take a look at this guide to choosing between university or an apprenticeship.

3. How can my school subjects help?

Did you know that religious studies could help you pursue a career in charity work? Or that history could lead to a career in law? You might be surprised to learn where your favourite subject could take you. Read these guides to different school/college subjects to find out about the benefits different subjects can bring to your career.

4. What skills do I need to improve?

Do you know what interpersonal skills are? What about cognitive skills? And what is the difference between skills and qualities? Discover this selection of guides to help you understand what these skills are, why they are useful and how you can develop them inside and outside school or college.  Read these guides to help you get started.

5. How can I improve my CV?

A good curriculum vitae is your passport to employability. Your CV lists your qualifications, employment history and any voluntary work or extracurricular activities you’ve done. As well as demonstrating your impressive record, a good CV is concise, clear and error free.

A summary of upcoming events that may interest you:

Y7-9 Smallpeice Trust – Summer Of STEM 2024 Programme