Supporting your child with their Wellbeing

Building Resilience

Through our curriculum, assemblies, form time activities and PSHE, we have a real focus on helping to develop resilience among our students. Resilient children are less afraid of making mistakes and more prepared to take risks – because they can cope if they get things wrong. They are also more able to be adaptable when they face challenges as they have developed a range of strategies to help them to overcome these. There are some fantastic resources you can access to help to support your child with this at home.

BBC Bitesize
Five ways to build your child’s resilience - BBC Bitesize
Raising resilient children

Additional Support – School Based Support

We do however understand that there may be times, for a variety of reasons, when your child is struggling and you may need some additional. We have a really clear structure of support at SJB with form tutors always being the first point of contact. Any additional support your child may need will be co-ordinated through your child’s Head of Year. We offer a wide range of additional support including:

  • Coping Strategies
  • Wellbeing Mentors
  • Small group Wellbeing Sessions (for anxiety and self esteem)
  • Bereavement support
  • Short term counselling sessions / support
  • Referrals to external / additional support

Should you feel like your child needs additional support please contact your child’s form tutor in the first instance. They will be able to pass on your concerns to the most relevant person.

External Support

There are a number of organisations who offer support for families and young people covering a range of specialities. Below are organisations which have been successfully used by families and young people in the past year.

Healthy Surrey
...Surrey is a website created by Surrey County Council to provide support for emotional wellbeing and mental health needs. The website has a range of self help resources, online help and details of where to access more help if you need it.
Children and young people's mental health and wellbeing
Someone is available 24 hours a day to listen to any concerns without judgement or pressure. Website and phone service.
Young Minds
...are an organisation who specialise in working with young people. They have a wide variety of resources on their website which cover a range of topics.
...are an online service who provide digital support to young people who are experiencing issues with their mental health. They provide articles, wellbeing ideas and online community support.
...has a wide range of resources which provide information to help your child understand how they might be feeling. They also offer a range of ideas of things that can be done to support wellbeing.
Coming out of lockdown
MindEd a website produced by the NHS with a range of help and advice for parents who may be concerned about their childs mental health
MindEd For Families
BEAT an organisation specialising in Eating Disorders. They offer a phone and online chat support. 0808 801 0711
Chat Health a confidential text messaging service for young people. You can get in touch with a healthcare professional for advice and support
...offers facts, advice and support on drugs and alcohol. They operate online and via phone support.
...offers support for young people suffering bereavement. They have a website full of really useful information plus they offer online support

In a crisis situation

Should you find yourself in a situation where you need URGENT support regarding your child’s mental health or wellbeing please use the following services:

Surrey Mental Health Service offer a Mental Health Helpline

They operate 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year 0800 915 4644

If you cannot get an appointment with your GP and it is an emergency, take your child to A&E.

Letters Home

January 2022

Letter to Parents – January school reopening from Miss Dwyer

December 2021

Letter to Parents – Home Testing and Return to School in January

November 2021

Letter to Parents from Mr GH November 26 2021

September 2021

Letter to Parents from Mr GH – October 2021 UpdateCoronavirus-related-absences-quick-reference-guide-parents_Nov-2021

Positive COVID-19 Test Proforma Nov-2021 onwardsLetter to Parents from Mr GH – 14th Sept

Contact tracing and remote learning – 10th SeptCoronavirus related absences quick reference guide – 10th Sept

Year 6 Open Evening – Thursday 7 October 2021

Dear Prospective Parents and Students,

First, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is James Granville Hamshar and I am the Headteacher here at St John the Baptist School. I am incredibly proud to work with such amazing staff and students and it is a privilege to work with all our children who, on the whole, love coming to school each day to learn and be part of the SJB community.

We’re looking forward to welcoming Year 6 children and parents into school for Open Evening this year, all be it under slightly more controlled circumstances than in the past; we introduced a booking system to limit numbers and try and spread visitors whilst touring throughout the school. Please watch the video below to get a small glimpse of what it’s like at SJB and make time to read the parent FAQs section below. We unfortunately won’t be able to admit anyone on the day who hasn’t booked a place in advance. If you have any issues at all, please contact our Admissions Officer, Claire Antal on 01483 729 343 and she will help you.

As a Catholic School, the Gospel values are central to our mission guiding everything we do. We endeavour to live them out every day to set an example to the children so that they witness excellent Christian role models and faith in action. Before you begin to watch the video below, please click on this link and find the section of the website which explains what we stand for.

I would now like to expand a little further specifically for prospective parents wishing to join our school. We have a simple recipe for success at SJB… We only appoint the best teachers and we work hard to ensure that their sole focus is teaching the children to the best of their ability. We have the highest expectations of the children in everything they do and will support them relentlessly through every stage of their educational journey – that’s it, there is no magic formula, we love the children and we teach them exceptionally well!! I firmly believe if we keep that as our focus, we will never deviate too far from the right path. Having said that, we absolutely have not cracked it… and we never will. We are continually driven to improve in every aspect and that effort will never cease.

Ordinarily, we say every day is an open day here at SJB, which, in a non-COVID world, is true! Thankfully this year we are able to host visitors on site again, so if you would like to come on a tour of the school then please contact our Admissions Officer and book a time. However, could we please request that all visiting adults where a mask when they are on school premises.

Take care and God bless.

James Granville Hamshar

Welcome to SJB Video

White List

What is the ‘white list’?

We operate a white list for apps that are available on the SJB iPads. This means that only certain apps are available to download.  The apps that we make available we thoroughly research to ensure that they are safe; for example, we will not white list any social media or games apps. In addition, in school the internet is heavily filtered and monitored to protect your child from inappropriate content.

If you would like to be sent a copy of the websites that we block in school, please email with your request and they will get back to you with further details.

iPads in the classroom

At SJB we work hard to utilise the technology available for learning, leveraging it to enable students to visualise abstract concepts, and deepen their understanding. The iPads provide our students with enhanced opportunities to personalise their learning, develop their creativity and communicate effectively with teachers and peers.

In the 8 years since we launched our Apple iPad Scheme, teachers have worked hard to improve their pedagogy and practice; working collaboratively to find ways of utilising the devices to enhance learning. Our Apple Teachers worked collaboratively to devise a wheel of core apps that are central to digital learning. You can see the current wheel of core apps below; all the apps are available and utilised by all students. The wheel is reviewed reviewed annually and evolves with the changing technological landscape and student profile.

We have also created our own Learning Tools app which is available on the iPad App Store. It’s full of tools that can be used for quick assessment for learning checks in lessons and is used daily in lessons by all our students.

If you’d like to find out more about our early journey with iPads, way back in 2013 then you can do so on our wordpress site.

Click here to find out how iPads are being used to support digital learning

Monitoring Solutions

There are a many different ways that parents can monitor their child’s internet usage both on their iPads and also on their other devices. We would strongly recommend that all parents actively engage in a conversation with their children around online safety and that as part of this they agree parameters for monitoring their usage at home.

Click here to find an overview of various monitoring solutions from Internet MattersClick here to find out more about the Apple Parental Controls

Below you can find a selection of other options that are available to you:

Jamf Parent
Download the PDF:

Using Jamf Parent, you can restrict and allow apps and device functionality on your children's devices. You can only manage your children's devices with Jamf Parent outside the school day (8.45am to 3.25pm)

PROSParents can monitor their child’s school iPad outside of school hours.

CONSNeeds the parent to have an Apple Device.
Zero cost solutions
Visit the website:

Stopping adult content in the home environment.

PROS Not full proof but a good way of stopping access to sites that deal with adult content.

CONS No limits of social-media or the content held within. Very easy to get around for a motivated student with access to Google
ScreenTime on Mac/iPad/iPhone
Visit the website:

Our take on it:
Screen Time on Windows 10 and X-Box One...
...are all covered by Microsoft’s Family Experience.

Visit the website for Windows 10:

Visit the website for X-Box:
Visit the website:
Google accounts, Chromebooks and Android devices
Including – Google Play, Chrome, Search, YouTube etc

Google's family link app:
Netflix has a very limited set of restrictions available just around the maturity rating.

Visit the website:
Paid for solutions
Norton's Family Premier
Makes the Web safer for your kids to explore – by keeping you informed of which sites your kids are visiting, and letting you block harmful or inappropriate sites.

Visit the website:

PROS Appears well reviewed and from a well known company

CONS Small cost
Qustodio (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Kindle)
Visit the website:

PROS Free version to see if its worth spending money on. Reviews look good.

CONS Small cost to unlock some features
Other options
Visit the website:

Insurance Form

If your iPad is lost, broken or needs repairing, please follow the link below to complete the short form.

iPad check-in form

Insurance and Warranty

You only need to contact us when the problem relates to the iPad itself. If anything has happened with the case, stylus or charger then we would expect you to replace those items at your own expense. The exception being that if you believe the charger is not working properly then please bring the charger to the IT department and it will be dealt with in the same way as the iPad not working properly.

We have a process in place for dealing with any problem that arises with the iPad that was issued by the school as part of the SJB Apple iPad Scheme (this does not include those who have decided to bring their own devices into school).

This process covers:

  • iPad not working properly
  • iPad lost
  • iPad stolen
  • iPad damaged

To help make the process clear for each instance please see below:

What is the issue?
iPad or charger not working
iPad stolen or damaged
iPad lost
Charger lost
Who should I go to?
ICT Support Team
ICT Support Team
ICT Support Team (only to purchase replacement)
Apple Store (to purchase replacement)
What do I need to bring with me?
iPad and charger
Completed insurance form
Payment of £50 excess
iPad if damaged
Payment for replacement

If your iPad or charger is not working properly, then please return your iPad (including charger) to the ICT Support Team, explaining in as much detail as possible what you believe is the issue.

If your iPad is stolen you must report the theft to the police and get a crime reference number. The police will need the iPad serial number in order to register the theft. This can be obtained from the ICT Support Team via email ( Once you have this information please complete the form below and return it to the ICT Support Team with payment for the excess, which is £50.

If your iPad is damaged you must complete the iPad check in form and return your iPad and the charger to IT Support. Where possible repairs will be made, if this is not possible and an insurance claim is necessary you will be contacted by a member of the team to request payment of the £50 excess.

If your iPad is lost then you are not covered. In this instance you will need to replace the iPad at your own expense. It may be possible to purchase a replacement through the school so please contact the ICT Support Team if this occurs (you will be charged the full cost of replacement). The payment and declaration form at the bottom can be used for payments for the replacement of lost iPads.

Your child’s iPad is insured against accidental damage and theft for the 2/3 years (depending on the year group your child is in). All claims must be reported to the ICT Support Team within 7 days so that the claim can be made on your behalf (including all completed paperwork and the excess payment).

The iPad Scheme

Our Vision…

  • To continually strive to provide all our students with the best possible access to learning.
  • To help all our students achieve their full potential.
  • To encourage independent learning and equip our students for adult life.
  • To offer all our students access to a variety of learning styles.

The Concept…

  • To ensure that your child has access to an Apple iPad to support their learning.
  • Students will use their iPad for research, homework and for communicating with their peers and teachers.

We Believe…

  • Learning does not stop as soon as you walk out of the school gate, it can take place anywhere at any time!
  • Everyone at SJB should be connected digitally to communicate, share and engage in learning (students, teachers and parents).
  • Every student and family should be included.

We believe that technology, if used correctly and at the right times, can have a profound effect on your child’s learning. Technology can be engaging, exciting and can open up new possibilities, which may have been difficult or even impossible to achieve in the past. The pace at which technology is moving is astonishing! New advances in technology mean that we are at the dawn of a new age, where students can collaborate, investigate and explore like never before. This is not to say that traditional teaching methods are not important. On the contrary, the teacher, environment and resources are all extremely important too. But, if we are to prepare our students for their future, we must act now by equipping them with the technology that will enable them to develop the skills that they will need.

What is the iPad Scheme?

The iPad Scheme provides all the children in Years 7 to 11 with an Apple iPad to use every day to support their learning. For further information about the scheme please see Year 7 Sept 2021 – Welcome guide. Where children join us mid-year or part way though their school journey, we work with parents to facilitate the scheme as necessary.

Uniform Requirements

School uniform for Years 7-11 is compulsory, and we ask for the full co-operation of every parent in the maintenance of high standards in dress and appearance. The key words are smartness and general appropriateness; extremes should be avoided. The list below is quite detailed particularly with regard to shirts, skirts and trousers. Since uniforms are expensive it is essential that all items of clothing are clearly marked with the owner’s name, so that they can be returned quickly when mislaid. Iron-on labels are not sufficiently secure. School uniform must be worn from home to school and to home in the evening.

No jewellery may be worn except for medical bracelets, watches and matching plain gold or silver stud earrings – no more than one per ear. In line with Surrey County Council guidelines no jewellery at all may be worn during PE lessons even if it is taped up. Please ensure piercings are only done at the start of the summer holidays. Make-up and nail varnish may not be worn.

Extremes of fashion in clothing, footwear and hairstyle are not permitted. A haircut of Grade 2 and under is not acceptable. Unnatural hair colours are not permitted. If a member of SLT judges that your child’s appearance or clothes are unsuitable you will be contacted and he/she will be sent home.

Boys’ Uniform

  • Navy blue blazer with school badge
  • Plain white shirt
  • Charcoal/Black trousers
  • School tie
  • Grey or black socks
  • Black shoes that can be polished (non-fabric)
  • Plain black or navy blue outdoor coat with no motifs
  • Navy blue v-necked sweater (optional)

Girls’ Uniform

  • Navy blue blazer with school badge
  • Plain white blouse
  • Grey SJB knee length school skirt
  • School tie
  • White socks or black tights
  • Black, flat or low-heeled shoes that can be polished (nonfabric)
  • Plain black or navy blue outdoor coat with no motifs
  • Navy blue v-necked sweater (optional)

PE and Games Kit

  • New navy blue SJB polo shirt
  • New navy blue/gold SJB rugby shirt
  • Navy blue SJB shorts
  • Navy blue/gold SJB socks (Autumn & Spring term)
  • White ankle socks (Summer term only)
  • Indoor trainers
  • Outdoor trainers
  • Football boots – no blades
  • Shin pads and gum shield

Please note the skort currently worn by some girls will not be allowed from September 2022.


  • Navy blue jogging bottoms
  • Navy blue base layer (arms & legs) (available from Valentino’s)
  • Navy blue woollen hat
  • Navy blue woollen gloves
  • Navy blue SJB skort

The school uniform can be purchased at:

G & S by Valentino Ltd
23-29 Broadway
GU21 2DR
Tel: 01483 475051/473357 Fax: 01483 473505

Download a copy of our uniform requirements

Sixth Form Dress Code

At SJB we have one dress code for our Staff and Sixth Form students. A general rule of thumb is that if you wouldn’t expect a member of staff to wear it, you shouldn’t! See below for more specific guidance.


A tailored suit with a collared shirt, tie and smart leather shoes. A smart jumper may be worn underneath (but not instead of) a suit jacket.


A tailored skirt suit (knee length) or trouser suit (full length), or a tailored dress (knee length) with tailored jacket, with a smart blouse or top and smart leather shoes.


  • Hair should be a natural colour
  • No chunky/fluffy knitwear or fluffy coats
  • No biker / DM boots / DM shoes or similar
  • No strappy / low cut tops
  • No leggings or tight fitting trousers or dresses
  • No nose rings or multiple piercings

Download a copy our Sixth Form dress code