Teachers of Science

  • Miss M Ambridge
  • Miss K Atherton
  • Mrs V Barclay
  • Miss V Bates
  • Miss S Clark
  • Miss L Cook (Curriculum Leader)
  • Miss H Dare
  • Mr L Evans
  • Mrs A Fairclough
  • Miss K Heeley
  • Mr M Lenton
  • Miss V J Sears
  • Mrs E Temple
  • Mr M Woodhams
  • Mr S Young

Our Vision for Science

Inspiring curiosity, seeking discovery.


  • Building knowledge
  • Evaluating big ideas
  • Making connections
  • Working collaboratively
  • Practical investigation

Key Stage 4


Teachers of RE

  • Mr J Budzynski-Seymour (Curriculum Leader)
  • Mrs S Alder
  • Miss A Antony
  • Mr P Bergin
  • Mrs E Flemington
  • Mr J Haselden
  • Mrs M Hodgson
  • Miss G Rejman
  • Mr S Rowan
  • Miss I Turner

Our Vision for RE

Students at SJB study RE to understand better who they are; to find their place in the world and receive the tools to strive to be the best version of themselves.

Key Stage 4


Teachers of PSHE

  • Mr T Birch
  • Miss E Cavell
  • Mrs A Clark
  • Miss E Dolan
  • Mr J Granville Hamshar
  • Mr J Hacker
  • Mr J Haselden
  • Miss L Hockin
  • Miss R Jeppeson
  • Mrs L Kenny
  • Mr C Mander
  • Mr D Newman
  • Mr L Petrie
  • Miss R Shepherd
  • Mrs L Kern

Our Vision for PSHE

The PSHE curriculum is embedded across the school and covers a range of topics including citizenship, health and mental wellbeing, careers and learning skills to name but a few. Our endeavour is to raise student’s self-esteem, help them to grow in knowledge and understanding, while recognising the value of all persons, developing caring and sensitive attitudes and rooting the curriculum in a Catholic vision of education and the human person. Each topic aims to provide students with the opportunity to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to play an effective role in society as well as providing the skills needed beyond their time at SJB.

Key Stage 4


Teachers of PE

  • Miss R Jeppeson (Curriculum Leader)
  • Mr T Birch
  • Mr C Black
  • Mr E Green
  • Mr J Hacker
  • Miss L Hockin
  • Mr D Newman
  • Miss H Peterkin
  • Mrs M Shaw

Our Vision for PE

Students at SJB study PE to guide & inspire them to maintain optimum health & fitness for the rest of their lives. They will develop physical literacy & experience positive feelings around physical activity, building confidence in their bodies. PE develops a range of life skills including leadership, teamwork & a resilience to physical & mental challenges. For many students, physical education will be a source of great passion & can foster a curiosity in the limits of human health & performance.

Key Stage 4


Teachers of Music

  • Mr L Ali
  • Miss P Cantwell (Curriculum Leader)
  • Mr M McKenna

Our Vision for Music

Students at SJB study music to develop a lifelong enjoyment and appreciation of music. We nurture the innate musical potential of all pupils by creating, performing and appraising music both in the classroom and through the diverse extra-curricular programme. This helps to develop students’ understanding and appreciation of different cultures.

Key Stage 4

Modern Foreign Languages

Teachers of Modern Foreign Languages

  • Miss A Ellis (Curriculum Leader)
  • Mrs S Arfield
  • Mr R Czepukojc
  • Mrs V Earl
  • Miss K Grundy
  • Miss J Licence
  • Miss E Mackay
  • Miss S Saltari

Our Vision for Modern Foreign Languages

Students at SJB study foreign languages to become citizens of the world, equipped with transferable and communication skills, as well as an open-mindedness to other cultures.

We offer French, Spanish and Italian.

Key Stage 4


Teachers of Maths

  • Mrs T Booth (Curriculum Leader)
  • Mr A Alvarez-Gomez
  • Mrs M Correia
  • Miss M Daniels
  • Miss E Dolan
  • Miss A Dwyer
  • Mr M Goggin
  • Miss L C Hort
  • Mrs V Lally
  • Mrs J E McNeil
  • Mr S Petri
  • Miss S Reeve
  • Mr S Rowan
  • Miss R Shepherd
  • Miss K Stansfield
  • Miss I Turner

Our Vision for Maths

Students at SJB study Maths to:

  • Develop their passion for problem-solving and nurture a love and enjoyment of the subject. From types of triangles to advanced trigonometry, Maths is fun and inclusive for all.
  • Equip them to be numerically literate for an ever-changing world where Maths underpins world systems through a universal language.
  • Learn important skills, such as critical and logical thinking, that are crucial and applicable to all areas of life. Whether our students go on to be a stage designer or an astronaut; the skills that students develop through studying Maths will equip them for wider society.

Key Stage 4


Teachers of History

  • C Wyatt (Curriculum Leader)
  • E Cavell
  • B Duke
  • A Jewell
  • B Paling
  • L Petrie
  • S Rowan
  • C Thomas
  • I Turner

Our Vision for History

Students at SJB study History to empower them to understand a diverse range of people and societies in Britain and the wider world. This will enable them to develop an informed appreciation of current affairs, societal challenges and British values. Students will learn how to build concrete and convincing arguments and become confident at questioning the value of evidence through critical thinking. The range of topics we study are interesting, engaging, thought-provoking and support students’ understanding of other subjects.

Key Stage 4


Teachers of Geography

  • Dr T J Belliss
  • Mrs E Flemington
  • Mr A Jewell
  • Mrs L Kenny
  • Miss B L Paling (Curriculum Lead)
  • Ms B Mombo
  • Miss A Brooks
  • Mr S Rowan
  • Miss I Turner

Our Vision for Geography

Students at SJB study geography in order to develop a sense of awe and wonder about places and people at all levels, from the personal, to the local and the global. Our department strives to inspire students to have a love of the world around them and we will do this through varied activities inside and outside of the classroom. We aim to ensure Geography becomes a lifelong love of our students and encourages their questioning, investigation and critical thinking about issues affecting the world and people’s lives, now and in the future.

Key Stage 4

Food Technology

Teachers of Food Technology

  • Mrs N C Armstrong
  • Mrs C Cunningham (Curriculum Leader)

Our Vision for Food Technology

Food and Nutrition teaches both the theory and practical skills which prepares students for adulthood. Students are strongly encouraged to adapt recipes to meet their own dietary requirements, enriching their relationship with food and nutrition. The subject develops a range of skills such as time management, independence, creativity, fine motor skills as well as teamwork which are vital for all learning and excellent life skills.

Key Stage 4