Sixth Form

Sixth Form Open Evening

On Thursday 19 October we will be hosting our Sixth Form Open Evening which will give you an opportunity to meet our teachers and visit the school and Sixth Form centre.

The evening begins at 6pm and will run until 8pm. All are welcome and there is no need to book.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Sixth Form Applications

Internal Students

In order to take up a place in the Sixth Form at SJB, students must meet the minimum entry requirements and demonstrated appropriate behaviour throughout Year 10 and 11.

Throughout Year 11 there are many opportunities for our students to see what is available in the Sixth Form and to discuss their options with a member of staff. In the first half of the spring term, all students, along with their parents, will meet with a member of the School Leadership Team as part of the next steps process; post-16 options will form part of this discussion.

During the Spring Term internal students are invited to apply in order to take up their place in the Sixth Form.

External Applicants

We welcome applications from students who are not currently at SJB.

The application window will remain open until 6pm on Monday 8th of January 2024, after which the application form will no longer be active or accessible.

Apply now

Admissions Policy and Further Information

Admission to SJB Sixth Form is dependent on getting a grade 5 in English and Maths plus any 3 grade 4s

Individual course have their own entry requirements as outlined below:

BTEC Applied ScienceNone
BTEC BusinessNone
BTEC MediaNoneL2 Media BTEC, Art/DT GCSE
BTEC TravelNone
Art6 in Art or evidence that shows a passion and skill for the subject
Drama6 in Drama or evidence that shows a passion and skill for the subject
D&T - Product Design6 in DT or evidence that shows a passion and skill for the subject
GraphicsEvidence that shows a passion and skill for the subjectArt/Media/DT GCSE 
Music6 in Music or evidence that shows a passion and skill for the subjectGrade 6 Standard or higher in an Instrument
PhotographyEvidence that shows a passion and skill for the subjectArt/Media/DT GCSE
English Lan6 in English
English Lit6 in English
Geography6 in Geography6 in Maths, 6 in English
History6 in a Written Subject
Philosophy & Ethics6 in RE6 in English
Politics6 in Written Subject
Psychology6 in Science6 in English and 6 in Maths
Sociology5 in RE (or English 5 if didn't do RE)
Business6 in Business (or 6 in English if Business was not taken)6 in Maths
Economics7 in Maths7 in Maths or A Level Maths to do Economics at Uni
Film5 in English LiteratureHistory/Art/Media/RE GCSE
Media5 in English LanguageHistory/Art/Media/RE GCSE
PE6 in Science
French6 in French
Italian6 in Italian
Spanish6 in Spanish
Biology7-7 in Science or 7 in Biology
Chemistry7-7 in Science or 7 in Chemistry
Computer ScienceFor those who DID take GCSE Computer Science. Minimum requirement is a 6 in Computer Science

For those who DID NOT take GCSE Computer Science. Minimum requirement is a 7 in Maths
Further Maths8 in Maths
Maths7 in Maths
Physics7-7 in Science or 7 in Physics 7 in Maths
*in the event that a course is oversubscribed places will be allocated based on suitability, pre-enrolment choices and whether students are internal or external.

Where these are the entry requirements for individual subjects we recognise that there are sometimes extenuating circumstances and the final decision for any students who do not meet entry requirements will be made following discussions with SLT and the Curriculum Leader for that subject on enrolment day.

For information on admissions please refer to our Admissions policy below:

SJB Sixth Form Admissions Policy – Sept 2023

If you have any further enquiries you can contact Mrs Risman on:
Phone – 01483 729343 ext: 122

Previous Admissions Policies


Sixth Form BYOD Scheme

The Sixth Form Bring Your Own Device purchase scheme will be available from Thursday 2nd June.

More information will follow on that date.


Beyond Sixth Form


Click here to access in your own time a bank of free videos aimed at helping you make choices about universities and degree courses.

StudentStream – StudentStream brings together video content featuring vital advice, help and expert knowledge from universities and colleges across the UK. Whether you are at the beginning of your journey towards higher education, or currently at university and want to know more about life after studying your undergrad degree, we have the perfect content for you. Simply use the search function in the top right of the homepage to find the videos that are suitable for you, or select Pre Uni, At Uni, or Post Uni to find a number of different categories to help inform, motivate and inspire you.

Y13 assembly Accepting offers and Student Finance*

*there are a couple of updates for 2023 Entry:

  • the new threshold for repaying student loans is now £27295 and,
  • any residual debt will be wiped out after 40 years.


Y12 Next Steps Information Evening – Wed 23 March

Presentations from this event last year
Main presentation – including Sue Taylor and Annabel Cunningham
University of Sussex presentation – 23 March 2022 – Craig Dove
SJB presentation-Max van den Berg – TFL Business Management Degree Apprenticeship

Key Dates

Early Application Deadline: Oxbridge/Medicine/Veterinary/Dentistry

Applications for these courses should arrive at UCAS by 18:00 (UK time) on Friday 15 October.

All other UCAS Applications Deadline

Applications for all other UCAS Undergraduate courses except those with a 15 October deadline, should arrive at UCAS by 18:00 (UK time) on Wednesday 25 January.

When are you likely to hear back from unis?

The wait for decisions on your application can be agonising. It’s a good idea to use this time effectively by familiarising yourself with the decisions the unis you’ve applied to could make, so you know what to expect and what to do when the time comes.
Each university and college will make their decisions at different times, meaning you might hear back before your friends do, or vice versa. However, there are deadlines by which they will need to have decided:

  • 18 May 2023 – if you send your application by 25 January 2022.
  • 14 July 2023 – if you send your application by 30 June 2023.

If a uni you’ve applied to doesn’t make a decision by the appropriate deadline, that choice will be automatically made unsuccessful.

When must you reply?

  • If your last offer is on/before 18 May 2023 reply by 8 June 2023
  • If your last offer is on/before 12 July 2023 reply by 17 July 2023

A Level Results day

Thursday 17 August

University Course Search

All these sites and resources provide guides on what to consider as well as help for those who have no idea:

UniTasterDays – Parents Guide to University – 2022 Guide (2023 guide will be posted here when available)

University Rankings

The best UK universities 2021 – rankings | Education | The Guardian

Apprenticeship Vacancies

With most of the following websites you can (and should) sign up for apprenticeship job alerts.


Other Useful Resources

University prep:

The Brilliant Club: Videos on preparing for life and study at University

CV writing:

Student finance guides/info:

Year 13 Transition Work

Each department has put together some wider reading for you to engage with in over the coming weeks and months as you prepare for University. We hope you find them useful and interesting!

Art Wider Year 13 Transistion Reading List Yr13
English Language Year 13 transition
English Literature Year 13 Transition Work
Geography Year 13 Reading List
GRAPHICS Year 13 Transition Work
Law Transition Work
Media Studies Reading List and ACADEMIC WEBSITES
Media Studies Yr 13 Transition work
Year 13 Business and Economics pre-University preparation
Year 13 Chemistry Transition Work
Year 13 Computing Further Reading
Year 13 Maths Transition
Year 13 Physics Transition Work
Year 13 Psychology Transition
Year 13 Sociology Transition Resources

11 into 12 Transition

Each subject has made available a suite of work to help prepare you for Year 12. There is a mixture of research you can do, activities to complete, videos to watch and wider reading.

We would strongly advise that all students access the work set by the 4/5 subjects that they are considering studying in Year 12 – we know you have been asked to select 3 to study but from experience we know that sometimes these change between now and September! The transition work has been set up on Showbie. Each subject has set up a specific Showbie class for Year 11 into 12 transition, the class codes have been emailed to all Year 11 parents and students and are also being made available to all external students.

If you need a reminder of all the subjects on offer please go to the Post-16 Curriculum page.

Sue Taylor ALPS Apprenticeships talk to parents

Post-16 Pathways – Alternatives to A Levels

16-19 Bursary

The new 16-19 Bursary Fund is designed to help support those young people who face the greatest barriers to continuing in education or training post 16. Bursary funds are to be used to help pay for the costs related to participation in full-time education, such as the costs of transport, equipment, books, travel, exam costs, school meals, trips, and visits. Students who meet the criteria are invited to apply for a bursary which will be allocated based on individual need. The deadline for applications is Friday 22nd September 2023, however we appreciate that financial situations change throughout the year and therefore we will accept applications after this should the need arise.

Click here for further information and the application form

Sports Academy

The SJB Sports Academy will provide a professional training and competition structure for our sporting students to thrive in whilst also continuing with the usual high level of academic achievement provided by the SJB sixth form team. All the academies will train on a Friday morning and will have a full programme of games on Wednesday afternoons. These sessions and games will be led by high quality coaches from Chobham Rugby Club, Woking Blackhawks and Woking Cardinals. The vision is that these teams will become the pinnacle of sporting success at the school achieving success in local, regional and national competitions.

Students will also be fitness tested on a regular basis and they will have 2 periods a week where they are timetabled to use the fitness gym carrying out the personalised programme written and monitored for them by a personal trainer from Advanced Sport. This will ensure their strength and conditioning improves in a safe and effective way.

Looking good is another important part of feeling professional and we will provide all the academy students with playing kit, training kit and a kit bag so that they are easily recognisable to other students at the school and so that we make the right impression when we take part in fixtures.

This really is a brilliant opportunity for students to play a high standard of sport, developing their skills and fitness whilst also receiving a brilliant education at SJB sixth form.

For more information on how to apply please contact Mr Newman